Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 is MY YEAR!

Dear 2015,

I thank God He gave me you and let me experience a different curve of life. Thank you for such a wonderful year. For all the people I met and encountered, for those who left and for those who stayed. You let me try things I never thought I would ever experience. Took me to places I never imagine I'd be. Thank you for every new milestone of 2015, the new career in the beginning, the marathon that I took, country I've been to and all other blessings I got.

Now that you are about to leave, kindly bring with you all the heart pains, trials and burdens you have given me. Take them away as you fade. I'm ready for another set next year. I know I'll do better because 2015, you thought me to be good in facing them.

I sincerely am sorry of all bad things I've done to my fellows. I ask forgiveness to all my shortcomings and misunderstandings we had. I also would like to say sorry for myself, for being too harsh to my health and sometimes lossing my love for my self. Forgetting that I am a son of God and I am created in His likeness.

As a promise, I will carry with me all the life lessons you impart. Good things and good deeds will surely be continued in the next coming years. Self improvement and growth will always be part of next year's goal. Savings and investments are priority. Most specially to live each day like winners do. Winner who knows how to properly acknowledge winning and recognize his defeat. A winner who pushes himself to be better each day.

Again, to my dearest 2015, Thank you so much!

Mark Respicio Antonio

Dear 2016,


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Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

All this years, I kept wondering how ham balls are cooked... Everytime I see advertisements of Ham during Christmas season, I wonder how do they serve it beautifully.

When I was young, wre use to cut it first then fry each slice. I have also tried deep frying the whole and cut afterwards.

This year, what I did was just thaw it until freezing is gone and fry it on low fire. Then serve the whole ball and slice whenever you want to ear. Perfect and almost got my ambitious attempt to mimic those ham advertisements.


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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

BonChon Glazed Chicken Fries Story

I hated Bon Chon the very first time I tried it! I feel like there's nothing so special about it and yet so pricey... I thought the meat was a bit dry and the breading is thick... Since then, I never went there... One day while I was drinking coffee at the cafeteria beside their store I saw their poster about this limited time offer product BonChon Glazed Chicken Fries... I was a bit hungry then and I don't like eating sandwich in the cafeteria... So I head on to BonChon like I have no choice and ordered this new product... I have to wait 5 to 10 minutes because they still need to prepare it... I'm not quite sure if they run out of stock of pre-cooked chicken fries or they intend to do it to ensure the freshness of what they serve...

To my surprise this new Glazed Chicken Fries totally changed my perspective about this restaurant...

The glazing I picked wag Soy Garlic and it was so good! The play of salty-sweet garlicky taste on your mouth in every bite gives a satisfying craving and even makes you want to ask for more... The meat is so tender and juicy considering its pure lean. There are 8 amazing dips to choose from. All blends well with the glazings they offer. Mine, I picked the black pepper barbeque and Miso Sesame Ranch...

3pcs is around PhP105 and the 5 pcs is at PhP149 inclusive of 2 dips of your choice... Other dips available are Maple Chipotle, Curry Honey Mustard, Regular Mayo, Ceasar Salad and Ketchup... Extra dip is at PhP15

Meat cut is huge compared to other chicken fries in other fast food restaurant, so I find the value for money factor...
So If your craving for a balance taste of French Fries and Chicken and you want to have a perfect snack... Go to BonChon and try this New Glazed Chicken Fries... And don't forget to pick the dip the complements your mood!

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Monday, June 22, 2015


 QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES – Since it opened three years ago, Wangfu Chinese Bistro has been a favorite go-to place for authentic Chinese and Singaporean fare in the Tomas Morato area. But not one to rest on its laurels, the restaurant co-owned by popular actor Richard Yap is shaking up its menu to keep up with the times and come out with new offerings that are distinctly modern.

To accomplish this, Wangfu is teaming up with the world leader in Chinese sauces Lee Kum Kee and bringing in the brand's consultant Chef Pung Lu Tin from Singapore. The renowned Chef Pung boasts a stunning 30-year career in the culinary and hospitality industries, highlighted by numerous distinctions. These include the International Master Chef of Chinese Cuisine Award, which the World Association of Chinese Cuisine bestowed upon him in 2006.

Using Lee Kum Kee products, Chef Pung is creating new dishes to add to Wangfu's already impressive array of menu items, including the best-selling Cereal Prawns, Singapore Style Fried Spareribs, Salted Egg Fried Chicken, and Seafood Tofu with Cheese.

The chef, who's here in the Philippines to personally develop the latest additions, will employ his trademark of simplicity in approaching food. His recipes are known for their straightforward style and distinctive aroma, which are tailor-made to suit the local taste. These are evident in the variety of menus he has designed for different restaurants in Singapore as one of the country's top chefs.

“Wangfu has always been committed in delivering the most authentic Chinese-food experience to our diners, which is why we're so happy to welcome Chef Pung. It's a privilege to have someone of his caliber to develop dishes for us that we're sure will be a hit among our customers who are looking for new and innovative ways to enjoy the cuisine,” enthuses Wangfu chief executive officer Lester Pimentel.
“Wangfu already has a wonderful menu of Chinese staples that don't need elevating. What we're doing is creating signature dishes that are representative of the restaurant, which also honor the traditions of Chinese cuisine while pushing it to go forward,” adds Chef Pung.

As an adviser for the Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs and consultant for the Singapore Culinary Institute's Restaurant Association Singapore, he is dedicated to the development of Singapore-style Chinese cuisine, which standards he is always seeking to improve.

“We're very excited for our customers to try the special dishes by Chef Pung, who worked tirelessly to develop and tweak the flavors especially for Wangfu. These new items are certified world-class because they're created by one of the top chefs in the region. We're truly proud to have them on our menu in the future,” quips Wangfu partner and technical director Ace Wang.

Lee Kum Kee, founded in 1888, is the leader in offering Chinese sauces and the inventor of the Oyster Sauce, Fine Shrimp Sauce and XO Sauce.

The flagship Wangfu Chinese Bistro is located at Tomas Morato Plaza, Tomas Morato Ave. cor Don A. Roces Ave., Quezon City. Meanwhile, Wangfu Chinese Cafe has branches at Il Terrazzo (South Triangle), UP Town Center and Serendra.

CONTACT                                WANGFU CHINESE BISTRO 
                                                Freda Co, General Manager
                                                (0917) 836-1936 
                                                (0922) 836-1936